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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 5, Pages: 418-425

Original Article

Studying the Absorption and Fluorescence Parameters of Ho: YAP Laser Using the Judd-Oflet Model

Received Date:12 November 2023, Accepted Date:23 December 2023, Published Date:23 January 2024


Objectives: Study and find the absorption and fluorescence parameters for the Ho: YAP laser crystal, such as branching ratios, intensity parameters, oscillation strength, fluorescence line strength, absorption line strength, the spontaneous emission factor, the time life of the upper irritated level, the emission cross-section, and the absorption cross-section and prove that this laser is Ho: YAP laser. Method: Absorption and fluorescence parameters are calculated by employing the equations of the Judd-Oflet model and using the absorption coefficient to calculate the area under the curve. Findings: The properties of the compelling medium were calculated theoretically using the Judd-Oflet Model. These include branching ratios β2 = 0.27, β3 = 0.72, intensity parameters Ω2=1.41*10-20 cm2 Ω4=2.91*10-20 cm2, Ω6= 1.72*10-20 cm2, oscillation strength 1.48*10-6, fluorescence line strength Sf1 =0, Sf2 = 3.24*10-23, Sf3 = 4.9*10-23, absorption line strength 3.2439*10-23, the spontaneous emission factor 167 s-1, and the time life of the upper irritated level 5.99 ms, the emission cross-2.239*10-18 cm2, the absorption cross-section 0.92*10-20 cm2, these values are evidence that the active medium to be studied is Ho: YAP. Also, the ratio of the probability of spontaneous emission to stimulated emission was calculated, which is much less than one, which indicates that the laser system operates in this medium, and a laser is emitted through it. Novelty: In this article, we succeeded in using a mathematical model to calculate the properties of absorption and fluorescence, which are of great importance in laser work, instead of experimental work that could expose the crystal to damage and also require money, effort, and time.

Keywords: Judd-Oflet Model, Ho: YAP laser, Absorption Parameters, Fluorescence Parameters, absorption coefficient, intensity parameters


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