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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 43, Pages: 1-12

Original Article

Symbiotic Interactions, Law of Purposive Association and the +/+ Nature of all Co-evolution


Objectives: To investigate all symbiotic interactions and the resulting specific and diffuse co-evolutions to bring out the +/+ nature of all of them. Methods: Analysis of all symbiotic interactions in light of law of purposive association and competition as the fundamental factor behind all of them. Findings: All symbiotic interactions are driven by competition at the fundamental level ultimately leading to +/+ co-evolution. All competition, including that involved in mimicry and endosymbiosis, finally ends up in cooperation for gainful evolution. Speciation and diversification depend not only on competition strength and the intensity of the driving instinct for perpetuation. Evolution is all-pervading force acting continuously in and through all organisms towards their perpetuation and up-gradation to higher evolutionary strata through purposive association, even though the organisms themselves don’t precisely know or decisively undertake the exercise of such progressive evolution. A holistic vision of the organic wholeness of all life as giant self-evolving organism that includes all life-forms as its mutually interacting components emerges in the final analysis which can be extended to include biotic factors as well. Applications/Improvements: Meta-evolutionary analysis of symbiotic interactions based on law of purposive association for gainful evolution of species through competition. 

Keywords: Competition, Co-evolution, Exclusion Principle, Mimicry, Mutualism, Symbiosis


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