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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2018, Volume: 11, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-11

Original Article

The Application of Magneto Telluric Method to Identified Petrology System of Pre-tertiary Sediment at Bintuni Gulf, West Papua Indonesia


Objectives: To identify and analyze the petrology system of pre-teriary sediment at Bintuni Gulf Area of West Papua Indonesia. Methods/Statistical: To identify the petrology system, we utilize the magnetotellurique exploration method to obtain the resistivity value of the reservoir of hydrocarbon. There are 14 sounding points purpose to identify and detect the reservoir hydrocabon trapped at Bintuni basin. Then the reservoir location was mapping in 2D modeling. To get the best quality of the data, we performed coherence analysis of data on every stage processing. The stage of data analysis begins with the robust processing, cross power selection, resistivity analysis, skin depth analysis, and 1-D and 2-D Modeling. Results: The coherence analysis shows that the quality of coherence at least achieved at 70% and the highest coherence 9%. The hydrocarbon in Bintuni basin area resulted by sedimentary rock with the Total Organic Carbon (TOC) of about 0.51 % to 88%. The exploration by magneto telluric method showed that the Bintuni basin is the new potential reservoir in West Papua. From the analysis and interpretation of data, it is shown that rocks cover with low resist vitas (3 – 13 Ωm) interpreted as the clay Kembelangan formation. Reservoir with moderate resistivity (13 -70 Ωm) as sand stone at Tipuma formation. The source by rocks with high resistivity (70 - 200 Ωm) indicated as black shale of Ainim formation. The improvement of the research shows that one more again potential location of hydrocarbon in Papua Indonesia. Application: The application of magneto telluric method is reducing if there are aquifer of hydrocarbon was trapped under the layer of hard rock that cannot be detected with the seismic method then the magneto telluric method who use electromagnetic waves can handle it.

Keywords: Hydrocarbon, Magneto Telluric, Petrology System, Reservoir, Resistivity


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