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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 7, Pages: 628-635

Original Article

The identification and evaluation of factors influencing quality management in selected higher education institutions

Received Date:11 April 2021, Accepted Date:29 April 2021, Published Date:03 March 2021


Objective: To identify critical factors that influences Service Quality (SQ) and also to know the inter-relationship between various factors that affect the Service Quality of the HEI. Method: The sample size was determined using a statistical method and 325 questionnaires were distributed, 316 valid responses were obtained from selected HEI. The stratified random sampling procedure was adopted. The key factors that affect the SQ were determined using EFA and CFA. Further, relevant hypotheses were formulated to know the inter-relationship between factors that influences SQ of HEI. An attempt is made to develop the linear regression equation to estimate the Service Quality Score (SQC) of selected HEI based on factors confirmed by second-order CFA. Findings: The key factors that affect the SQ of the HEI were determined using EFA and CFA and such factors were labelled as Institutional assurance, Academic and support services, Empathy of staff, Responsiveness and Addon Provisions. Further, the estimation of Service Quality Score (SQC) using the above factors is obtained using a logical regression model and the service quality level of selected HEI is found to be 0.8285 i.e., 82.85%. The study identifies the scope for continual improvement of factors that influence the SQ, more specifically the Academic and support services. The results of the present research are limited to the selected HEI and need to be validated for other courses and HEIs. Novelty: The SERQUAL factors were considered but confirmation, revision and addition of factors are done using EFA followed by Second-order CFA. The results are more authenticated and help administer and to improve the service quality level of HEI.

Keywords: Higher education institution; service quality; service quality score; SERVQUAL


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