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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 43, Pages: 1-4

Original Article

The Relationship between the Resilience, Prenatal Stress, and Confidence for Childbirth: Focused on Pregnant Woman


Objectives: This study attempts to provide the base materials for developing the program managing stress of pregnant woman. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The tools used for data collection are standardized 25 questions in resilience measurement, 26 questions of stress measurement before childbirth and 15 questions of childbirth confidence. To find out the general characteristics of subjects, prenatal stress and confidence, it was analyzed by getting frequency and percentage with descriptive statistics. To find out the correlation between resilience, prenatal stress, and confidence for childbirth, the correlation analysis of Pearson was used. Findings: The age of targets was 32.2 years old in average. Resilience of whole subjects was an average of 63.2 points and looking at each subordinate scope, toughness was 18.57 points from the total of 32 points, endurance was 18.70 points form the total of 32 points, optimism was 13.58 points from the total of 20 points, control was 7.50 points from the total of 12 points, and spirituality was 4.89 points from the total of 8 points. Prenatal stress was 78.8 points in average, and looking at for each sub-area, stress for fetus was 27.4 points, stress for themselves was 33.1points, and stress related with spouse was 18.3 points. Confidence in childbirth appeared as an average of 42.0 points. If we look at analysis of correlation between resilience of subjects, prenatal stress and confidence in childbirth, resilience had negative correlation with prenatal stress, resilience had positive correlation with confidence in childbirth and prenatal stress had negative correlation with confidence in childbirth. Improvements/Applications: The research on resilience of pregnant women should be made actively in the future, and developing the program enhancing resilience of pregnant women as nursing intervention is needed.

Keywords: Confidence for Childbirth, Pregnant Woman, Prenatal Stress, Resilience


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