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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 18, Pages: 1-8

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The Role of Services Branding on Supply Chain Management


In the business world, brand value is considered as an important intangible asset for organizations. Gaining more market share and customer satisfaction is purpose of study supply chain management. Statistics population includes experts of municipal services of Tehran city. According to the formula 5Q < N < 15Q, samples are 360. Due to exploratory of the questions of questionnaire, factor analysis method was used by SPSS. Reliability of questionnaires checked by Cronbach’s alpha and validity checked by expert questionnaires. Structural model designed based on these factors by SEM technique by AMOS. In addition, t-test was used to confirm exploratory hypotheses. 40 variables that influencing on services branding were identified in library studies and questionnaires were filled by 360 experts in municipality of Tehran. Then 40 variables were classified, named and converted to 7 factors by factor analysis method by SPSS. Reliability of questionnaires was confirmed, because Cronbach’s alpha is 0.98. Also validity was confirmed by expert questionnaires. 7 effective factors are reliability, orientation, knowledge level, responsibility, communication tools, making value process and Public Relations. Role of this effective factors on supply chain management were determined and structural model was designed by SEM technique by AMOS. According to results of this research, services branding impacts on supply chain management significantly and all of hypotheses were confirmed by t-test. Reliability with important factor = 1.037 has the most grade, orientation is second, knowledge level is third, responsibility is fourth, communication tools is fifth, making value process is sixth and public relations with important factor = 0.868 has the lowest grade in measuring supply chain management. This model is result of library studies and analysis questionnaires that were filled by experts. It can improve supply chain management and help to branding of services organizations.
Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Services, Services Branding, Supply Chain Management, Services Organizations, Services Marketing, Value Chain  


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