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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2020, Volume: 13, Issue: 37, Pages: 3944-3949

Original Article

The status of concept mapping in teaching learning process: Exploring the present awareness, use and challenges

Received Date:20 September 2020, Accepted Date:04 October 2020, Published Date:21 October 2020


Aims: To explore the present status of concept mapping in teaching and learning process in India. Also, to find answers of certain questions pertaining to the usage, awareness and present status of concept maps in real life education. Further to provide some recommendation for the teaching learning process. Method: In this study, the researcher developed a questionnaire using google form containing 14 items. The items were revolving around the concept map and its practical usage in teaching and learning process. The questionnaire was sent to 200 teachers in the month of June, 2020; out of which 80 responses were received back. All the teachers are teaching in various school of the country. The types of schools included private, government, rural and urban. The region covered for data collection was mainly Delhi, however some respondents were from other parts of India also. The data was analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. Ms. Excel was used for quantitative analysis. Findings: The study indicated that there is an awareness of concept mapping among the teachers. There are several teachers who are using concepts maps in their regular teaching learning process. Many of them learn concept maps when they were students. The use of concept maps is always considered to be effective in the classroom. However, there were some respondents who found making and implementing concept maps time-consuming and effortful. All opined that concept maps are in use and found effective in the teaching learning process. Novelty: The study investigates the status of uses of concept maps in teaching learning process. It also throws light on the problems faced by the teachers in using concept maps; hence the study contributes to plan the school-time table, curriculum and other activities. Moreover, the study provides basis for further in depth study pertaining to problems faced by teachers in using concept maps.

Keywords: Concept mapping; awareness; usage; teaching; learning; education; concept maps; purpose of concept maps; challenges


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