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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 4, Pages: 464-467

Original Article

The trinity model of the universe: A hypothetical construct for unification of fundamental forces of nature


The 4 fundamental forces of nature described by standard model are- gravitational force, electromagnetic force, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force. The true source of these forces tends to remain elusive. Physicists tend to explain the properties of these forces by means of still more elusive “fields” or by means of virtual particles like gluons, gravitons etc. There is a speculation since long that all these forces may be emanating from the same basic source but the nature and origin of such a source is not known as yet. This work discusses this issue in a novel manner. There is a strong pointer that these forces may emanate from a unique relationship between energy, space and time. There are many phenomena like constancy of speed of light, space curvature with matter, length contraction and time dilation with gravity and motion, for which there is no plausible explanation available. This hypothesis strives to explain very briefly the fundamental reason for these in a simple straight manner. It is named ‘trinity model’ as it unveils the unique relationship between 3 basic entities namely energy, space and time.
Keywords: Fundamental forces of nature, space-time, energy, quantum mechanics, force carriers, arrow of time. 


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