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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 8, Pages: 698-706

Original Article

A low-cost absorbance measurement device using microcontroller

Received Date:29 January 2021, Accepted Date:02 March 2021, Published Date:15 March 2021


Objectives: To design a low-cost absorbance measurement device using a microcontroller that can be used for student’s learning. Methods/Statisticalanalysis: The setup device is designed based upon Beer-Lambert Law with some LEDs through various sample solutions along with LDR at a different range of wavelength and the results are shown on a 16x2 LCD by use of a PIC16F877a microcontroller. The results are also compared with the standard colorimetric method. Findings: The setup device able to measure the absorbance of different colors of sample solutions at a wide range of wavelength (400-700nm) and measured by utilizing different LEDs to the transmitter end and an LDR at the receiver end. The proposed experimental device’s performance was compared with the standard colorimeter for efficiency check. The efficiency of the setup device is near to the colorimeter of more than 95%. Novelty/Applications: For educational purpose, the proposed setup device is well affordable due to low cost (US$10.98) and easy to maintain because of compact size and data acquisition directly through microcontroller.

Keywords: Colorimeter; absorbance; wavelength; LCD; microcontroller


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