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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 41, Pages: 2115-2120

Original Article

A Reliable Block-Chain Based Biometric Authentication Solution for Aadhar

Received Date:29 March 2022, Accepted Date:22 September 2022, Published Date:31 October 2022


Objectives: To propose a reliable Block-chain based Biometric Authentication Solution (BBAS) for the Aadhar biometric authentication system. Methods: We have used Sokoto Coventry Fingerprint Dataset (SOCOFing) data set for biometrics. The presented model was implemented using the Ethereum network Geth (v.1.9.25) and Solidity (v.0.6.0). Python 3.8 and Web3py were used at the client side. Findings: From the proposed solution, it is inferred that the BBAS avoids the single point of failure problem as the biometrics are distributed throughout the block-chain. Novelty: This research proposes a new hybrid scheme that uses a block-chain that stores the hash value of the biometric files and a trusted third party (Aadhar) to store the biometric files, thereby avoiding storing the same bio-metric files throughout the block-chain.

Keywords: Biometric; Blockchain; Aadhar; Security; Authentication


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