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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 26, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

A Study on the Difference in Leadership Recognition in Korea vs China: Focusing on Questionnaire Survey


Background/Objectives: This study attempted to identify the competence level of supervisors among firms in Korea and China. This study is expect to help raise capabilities to be a great leader by identifying excellent competencies required for leaders and their lacking capacities. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study applied frequency analysis and statistical methods of percentage to understand leadership perception as well as sex, working department, class, and work experiences. This study performed a survey to test the research model, with respondent samples extracted using convenience sampling method. Survey period was 20 days from November 1, 2015, with 100 personnel in manufacturing industry as samples. Findings: This study systematically analysed factors set out in previous research to investigate leadership capabilities of the supervisors in firms of Korea and China. Based on this, a total of 13 factors were derived. With the derived factors, a survey of excellent capacities and lacking competence in supervisors was conducted using Likert 5-point scale. For Korean corporations, findings indicated that superior leadership competencies of supervisor are development of subordinates, goal setting capability, trust forming, creativity, and insights, while they were in order of creativity, challenge, expertise, and communication skills in Chinese corporations. Different from Korea, The leadership capability lacking in supervisors included professionalism, ability to set a goal, and communication skills in Korean companies, whereas it included ability to foster subordinates, determination (communication), professionalism, and trust formation in Chinese companies. Application/Improvements: The results of this study seem to help raise capabilities to become a great leader by identify excellent competencies required for leaders and their lacking leaders.
Keywords: Capability, Competency, Leadership, Leadership Recognition, Questionnaire Survey


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