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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 43, Pages: 3237-3245

Original Article

Changes in Some Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism Enzymes in Field-Grown Wheat

Received Date:18 July 2021, Accepted Date:02 December 2021, Published Date:21 December 2021


Objective: The activities of alanine and aspartate aminotransferases, NADmalate dehydrogenase in the ontogenesis have been determined in leaves of durum wheat genotypes (Barakatli 95, Garagylchyg 2) with contrasting drought tolerance, cultivated under natural soil drought conditions. Methods/ analysis: Enzymatic activities of aspartate and alanine transferases, NADmalate dehydrogenase were determined spectrophotometrically (Ultrospec 3300 pro, Amersham, USA). Measurements were taken at 340 nm for 1 min and the obtained results were expressed as mmol mg-1*protein min-1. The unequal variance two-tailed Student’s t-test was applied for the analysis of the significance of differences between plants cultivated under irrigated and natural drought conditions. P 0.05 was considered statistically significant. We used three samples for each treatment and performed the analysis twice. Findings : In flag leaves of the drought-tolerant Barakatli 95 genotype, the alanine aminotransferase activity increased ~2.7 and ~2.2 fold compared to the drought-sensitive Garagylchyg 2 genotype, under irrigated and natural drought conditions. According to the results, catabolism of amino acids is faster in the drought-sensitive Garagylchyg 2 genotype compared to the droughttolerant Barakatli 95 genotype under stress. Although the activity of all three enzymes studied varies in parallel in the ontogenesis of flag leaves, it is mostly dependent on leaf water content during the day. Novelty/improvement: The obtained data suggest that high enzyme activities in the Barakati 95 genotype play a role in achieving drought tolerance.

Keywords: Wheat; flag leaf; natural drought conditions; aspartate aminotransferase; alanine aminotransferase; daytime


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