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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 46, Pages: 1-9

Original Article

Circular Economy for Sustainable Development in India


Objectives: To explore current Waste Management practices in India and assess inadequacy; To assess successful WM practices examples and draw inferences for CE; To discuss CE as solution for WM inadequacy. Methodology: Semi-structured interviews and informal discussions with the experts in Waste Management (WM); Secondary data analysis collected from relative research papers and reports. Findings: Section 3 describes current WM practices, with insightful solutions from a case example of a for-profit waste management private company, VIVAM. Section 4 describes advancements in WM practices in three approaches: 1) Innovations in WM India, with two case examples. 2) WM practices in developed countries 3) Green consumerism. The inferences about inadequacy of above approaches lead us to propose modern advanced solution of Circular economy (CE). Section 5 infers CE as solution with insights from four case examples of successful CE implementations summarized in table3. The realignment of industry-government-citizen towards CE is demonstrated in these cases. In Section 6, CE is advocated as comprehensive solution aimed towards sustainable development in India. Useful inferences drawn from a total of seven case examples, including economies of China and UK. The contribution of this research to the existing body of sustainability knowledge is a renewed thinking for sustainable development in India. Drawing learning from developed economies infuses new thinking in future WM for India thus leading to sustainable development in India. Conclusion: Indian WM practices are less effective as performed in Silos. Adapting CE practices, educating/increasing awareness of effective WM methods goes long way towards accepting new sustainability policies and practices.

Keywords: Circular Economy, Consumer Behavior, Green Consumerism, Recycle, Sustainable Development, Waste Management, Zero Waste


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