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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 32, Pages: 2503-2509

Original Article

Comparative Analysis of Hydroelectric Power Drainage Water Level Control Manually and Using by Microcontroller

Received Date:08 February 2022, Accepted Date:27 June 2023, Published Date:24 August 2023


Objective: To compare water level drainage control manually and using a microcontroller for hydroelectric power. Method: To model water level drainage control using a microcontroller, data were gathered from a sample plant found in Ethiopia. The mathematical design was done as standard for all materials required since sampling was done at three pumps. When the water level reaches at 20 % then Arduino becomes ‘on’. Thereafter that, LCD will show “level 20 %” and “pump1 on”; if the leakage is maximum and the level reaches 40%, Arduino turns pump2 ‘on’; if the level reaches 85%, Arduino turns pump3 ‘on’, then the operator checks the status why the water level is at the maximum. Findings: This study designs a controlling system which is implemented for the existing plants directly, even though, the plant has a manual system, the key finding was to compare it with the microcontrolling system. The new controlling system can send messages to the operator when the water level advances to 85%. Although, manual data was recorded for 24 hours to take action. Novelty: The main outcome of this study is to upgrade the water level drainage control system for an existing Hydroelectric power system that is controlled by manually in a developing country, especially Ethiopia.

Keywords: Comparations; Hydroelectric Power Bludgeon; Ultrasonic; Microcontroller


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