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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Development of the Story Template Design and Digital Contents for Promoting Young Children’s Creativity


Background/Objectives: Although various teaching, learning methods have been developed to utilize computers and ICTs for young children’s creativity education so far, limitations that do not satisfy learner’s changing needs and tastes, and do not utilize the most recent information technologies, still exist. Methods/Statistical Analysis: First, we provided young children with well-known fairy-tale scenarios or scenarios with good cinematic quality, and customized story templates, in which young children may freely and creatively reconfigure each frame of the story by using editing functions. Second, we designed templates to provide young children with subjects indirectly and directly to create an entirely new story. The proposed procedures for developing digital contents are designed to collectively perform young children-directed experiences and plays and to gain young children’s attention by utilizing images, videos, and Sound Effects (SE). Next, we developed creative scenarios that focus on developing young children’s creativity and vocabulary by configuring contents for age 3-5 that reflect traits of young children development. Then, based on existing fairy tales, we provided templates including characters, backgrounds, overall scenarios etcetera, which teachers use in classes. Therefore, the templates are designed young children to modify and reconfigure the given story. Finally, we adjusted quantities of digital contents by focusing on highlights of the template, and configured the contents by sentences. We also considered a linkage between elementary curriculum and 0-2 national child-care curriculum, to configure the templates. In addition, we created the templates for young children to freely edit and modify. Findings: Digital contents based on the story template have utilized the 3 dimensional simulations, rather than existing 2 dimensional texture mapping approaches, to provide an environment that enables young children to freely reconfigure and modify stories by using various editing functions such as size and motion changes. Digital contents based on the proposed story template also enable young children to creatively reconfigure each component of the given story, thereby learning more vocabulary, structuring finer sentence, conceiving the subject of the story, and enhancing creativity and originality. Improvements/Applications: The digital contents that use the proposed story templates lead young children to infinite reminiscent of action sequences, serve as a source of originality that enables magnificent thoughts. Through this imagination, creativity of young children shall be developed.

Keywords: Creativity of Young Children, Digital Contents, Story Template


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