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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 2, Pages: 154-169

Original Article

Enhanced PLL (EPLL) Synchronization and HBCC Controlling of Grid-Interactive (PV-SOFC) Hybrid Generating System

Received Date:18 November 2020, Accepted Date:20 December 2020, Published Date:21 January 2021


Objective: In a grid-interactive (PV-SOFC) generation system, the inverter is the main constituent. Further, the quality of the injected signal in utility depends upon inverter control and synchronization. Thus, the main objective of thispaper is to control the single-phase inverter for a hybrid DC generation system and obtain synchronization between the grid signal and hybrid renewable energy source (RES) inverted output signal. Methods/Statistical analysis: This paper suggests software modeling of the grid-interactive hybrid photovoltaic array (PV) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) power generation system to supply continue load demand. The enhanced phase locked loop (EPLL), and hysteresis band current controller (HBCC) utilize to control single-phase inverter for hybrid generation system. The main benefit of EPLL configuration beyond traditional PLL’s is to compose and keep up phase change zero between input and output of voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). So, the EPLL tracks thephase angle and amplitude of the signal. The incremental conductance based MPPT technique is implemented in the proposed architecture to enhance the system’s efficiency by maximizing extracted power from the PV configuration. In addition, the synchronization between the grid signal and hybrid RES inverted output signal is obtained with EPLL. The simulation results with system design parameters are carried out in MATLAB 2015. Findings: The efficacy of the proposed synchronization circuit of EPLL is confirmed through the compensation of twice time-frequency error, which is introduced in traditional PLL. Further, from the simulation results, it is observed that smooth frequency is obtained with the proposed EPLL. Moreover, the performance index parameter (%THD) of current in the presence of EPLL and HBCC is smaller than the traditional PLL. Novelty: This paper introduces a hybrid EPLL and HBCC approach to control the single-phase inverter for a hybrid PV-SOFC generation system.

Keywords: Photovoltaic array (PV); incremental conductance based maximum power point tracking (INC-MPPT); synchronization; solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC); hysteresis band current controller; enhanced phase locked loop (EPLL); grid


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