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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 17, Pages: 1-13

Original Article

Erection of Comprehensive Wellness Programme for Global Healthcare Monitoring System using AODV Protocol with Data Clustering Schema


Background/Objectives: This contribution of a comprehensive wellness programme aims at developing a Global Health care monitoring system using wireless communication between the mandatory patients, physicians and hospitals in an on-demand manner. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Body Area Networks are proposed to collect data from the patients with unique id. The patient will be connected to doctor according to vital parameter variations. Doctors are connected to other doctors and hospitals are connected to other hospitals with specialization of the field adopting dictionary of doctors and specification of hospitals. Nearly 18,600 diseases have been identified with five vital parameter variations and the simulation is done in LABVIEW. Findings: An Expertise System for hospitals is developed in detecting disease and to reduce the treatment time of patients in an efficient manner. Using AODV protocol, vital parameters of the human measured by WBAN are sent on demand. The AODV Protocol is modified according to the condition of the patient: When there is an emergency for immediate healthcare, Modified Event Driven AODV (MED-AODV) is proposed. The availability of the doctor in that situation, the-Sub AODV Protocol (S-AODV) is proposed to be initiated to go for the next immediate action to safeguard the life of the patient. When there is a situation, where the doctors are in need of the help of specialists, clustered AODV (C-AODV) protocol is initialised. When there is a need for expertise physician, irrespective of the location of the physician, the medical advice will be given by the specialist by driving Clustered AODV. This method provides a quick solution for patients regardless of their location to get medical diagnosis globally from any expertise. Application/ Improvements: When doctors and hospital information is shared among countries, without time delay, every patient in the world can be serviced by any Doctor across the boundaries in emergency situations.
Keywords: AODV, Comprehensive Wellness, Data Clustering, Global Health Care, Schema


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