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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 38, Pages: 1-10

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Live Video Streaming from Remote Location Using Raspberry Pi


Objectives: Through this paper, design of a reliable real-time (Live) video streaming and surveillance system is proposed, which can be broadcasted over a Local-Area Network (LAN/ WLAN) with remote access. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Proposed system design features Raspberry Pi along with night-vision camera, programmed using Python programming language. Raspberry Pi’s IP address is fetched and VNC server is setup to create virtual desktop on host device for remoteuser. Host device is a Personal Computer/Smartphone connected to same LAN/ WLAN on which Raspberry Pi is connected. VLC media player serves as source for live streaming on host device running a VNC viewer. Findings: Previously, live video surveillance meant massive machinery, restricted to larger spaces and usually involved Closed-circuit television cameras. The technological advancements, ease of access and usability in Latter-day gadgets brought forth easier connectivity, bridging the gap between virtual and the real worlds. This makes dealing with indispensable concepts like security and surveillance much convenient, even for a remote user. Keeping in mind all these concepts, an effective; simple yet powerful design for a live video streaming and surveillance system has been proposed. For effective implementation of the design, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B along with a Raspberry Pi NoIR camera V2 module has been used and VLC media player acts as the streaming medium for the live video broadcast, initiated by the code written in Python. VNC server and viewer are used for remote connections over the Local-Area Network. And since a night-vision camera is being utilized, it allows the user to keep an eye on the area even in dark and low light conditions with ease. Application/Improvements: The system proposed offers numerous amounts of applications due to its versatility. Through this design, a hassle-free live video streaming/surveillance may be effortlessly availed even by an average user. 

Keywords: Live Streaming, Python, Raspberry Pi, Video Surveillance, Virtual Network Computing, VLC Media Player


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