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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2009, Volume: 2, Issue: 11, Pages: 35-36

Original Article

Generation of quasigroup for cryptographic application


A method of generating a practically unlimited number of quasigroups of a (theoretically) arbitrary order using the computer algebra system Maple 7 is presented. This problem is crucial to cryptography and its solution permits to implement practical quasigroup-based endomorphic cryptosystems. The order of a quasigroup usually equals the number of characters of the alphabet used for recording both the plaintext and the cipher text. Moreover, it can be used for varied information viz. text, image, etc. Many of the on going algorithms uses NLFSR to generate pseudo random sequence and thus the suggested method can be integrated in any of the existing pseudo random sequence to further enhance their complexity. The implementation of PRSG using quasi group processing is highly scalable and fairly unpredictable. It has passed all publicly available random sequence generator tests. That is exactly what this paper provides: fast and easy ways of generating quasigroups of order up to 256 and a little more.

Keywords: Quasigroup, cryptography, pseudo random sequence generator (PRSG’s), QPRSG, Non Linear Feedback Shift Register (NLFSR).


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