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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 12, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

History of the Russian Far East: A Local and Historical Process (Period of “Stagnation”)


Objective: The history of Russian Far East was a subject of interest for many foreign researchers. Hence the goal was to analyze the way they regarded the development of this region. Methods: The method of systematical analysis helped to analyze the history of the Russian Far East described in the publications of the foreign authors as the history of a complex dialectical interdependence of socio-economic, military-strategic and foreign relations. The method of statistical analysis was used to systematize data and to understand the increase/decrease dynamics of the number of publications dedicated to the development of this region. Findings: Foreign authors believe that exploration of the Far Eastern natural resources and augmenting the regional economic potential were of significant importance and necessity for the further growth of the country’s productive forces. Rapid development of the economy of the Soviet Far East was considered to be an integral part of the economic strategy of the government, implemented through five-year plans and resolutions on the socio-economic development of the Soviet Far East, but the rapid development did not happen. The program of 1965-1985 had not been implemented. Among the authors contributing to the journals under study there are unbiased scholars and their works are of great interest. Their articles are characterized by relevant and verified sources, a wide range of new materials on the history of Russian Far East. However, the interpretation of a number of issues of Russian history is objectionable, for example, accusations of the USSR of “the military expansion” in the Asia-Pacific region and the ambition for “the world dominance”. Applications: The results of the research helps to understand the way publications about history of the given region influence both the official position and the public opinion in the foreign countries.

Keywords: History, Russian Far East, Stagnation


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