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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 30, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Investigating Participation Motives of Saudi University Students towards Physical Activity at Different Educational Levels


Background/Objectives: Motivation is a complex phenomenon that driven from the ‘inside’ by some needs, impulses, desires, wishes, or motives, and directed towards achieving a goal that from the outside functions as a stimulus for behavior. The objective of the study was to investigate participation motives of Saudi university students towards physical activity at different educational levels. Method: The participants were undergraduate students (n = 1039), mean age 20.60 ± 1.679 yrs. On the basis of educational level five categories were formed as orientation (n = 352), freshmen (n = 293), sophomore (n = 191), junior (n = 93), and senior (n = 110). Motivation for Physical Activities Measure-Revised was administered to measure participation motives. Rank order applied for the most and least important reasons for participation towards physical activity and sports. Findings: University students’ rated the most important reasons for participation towards physical activity and sports as fitness and then appearance factors, which are explained by extrinsic motivation. The least important reason for participation motivation reported was social factors. It was observed that students always take time to find friends. It might be due to this choice of friendship that students consider as the main reason to participate in physical activity Ryckman and Hamel. ANOVA showed significant differences among educational levels on competence factor 3.419, p = .009; social factor 9.746, p = .001. Students tend to improve their competence, enjoyment or interest through physical activity and sports to optimize their physical well-being with progression of educational levels. Application/ Improvement: To impart the knowledge of fitness and health benefits, mentors and counselors should help and motivate students to take up the physical activities seriously. The infrastructural facilities for physical activities are not optimizing it to their advantage. To optimize the social experience of students there is a need for strategies to reduce the gap in socialization among students.
Keywords: Educational Level, Fitness, Motivation, Participation, Physical Activity 


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