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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 27, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Nicknames in Bashkir (Theoretical Aspects of Studying)


Background/Objectives: This research paper deals with the history of studying nicknames in Bashkir linguistics and discussion of scholarly works in science of Turkic languages illustrating linguistic, socio-cultural and historic aspects of nicknames. Methods: To carry out systemic research of the history of studying nicknames in Bashkir linguistics, descriptive and historical methods were used in this research; elements of analysis and synthesis were also applied. While using the analysis method, we discovered the place for nicknames in the system of onomastic items as a whole. Findings: Special attention is paid to the early use of such type of anthroponym in the Bashkir society and its social functions. The origin of the term ‘nickname’ and its components have been discovered. The authors describe categories of lexical units that served as nicknames for the Bashkirs in the past from a historic point of view. Collective nicknames and ethnonyms that are often closely linked in Bashkir are distinguished. According to the authors, a rural area has long been considered the place of highest circulation of nicknames. Attention is drawn to the fact that some individual and family nicknames, especially comonyms, became names of settlements with time. Our findings can facilitate development of descriptive lexicology. Some conclusions may be used for studying historical Bashkir grammar, Bashkir ethnography and cultural linguistics. Practical value of this research is that our findings may be relevant to compiling general and specific dictionaries, and materials of this article may be used in onomastic and ethnographic research. Improvements: Novelty of the research consists in discovering the areas of nicknames functioning in the society in the past and identifying connection between these units of onomastics and history and culture of the Bashkir nation.
Keywords: Bashkir Linguistics, Nicknames, Onomastics, Study of Turkic Languages


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