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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2015, Volume: 8, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-7

Original Article

Optimization of Energy Consumption in Cooperative Wireless Network using Quadratic Programming


In this paper by introduction of a general model of network, the behavior of networks has been analyzed respect to power consumption of transmitter and receiver nodes, and the length of CSMA slots. Then by prediction of model in future the input variables of network can be adjusted subject to this optimized energy consumption of network. The solution of the optimization problem ofthis paper, is quadratic programming. The objective function of quadratic programming is obtained by generalized model predictive control. Lower threshold values for reliability and delay probability less than a maximum, was assumed equal to 95%. Using quadratic programming, a vector of network inputs are obtained. This vector includes network variables such as power consumption of transmitter and receiver nodes and CSMA slot length. The vector also includes input variables of network for future. At each moment of time due to the dynamic changes of network reliability and energy consumption, network input vectors are updated By comparing the simulation results of the proposed method and when the model is not predicted, the proper performance of quadratic programming in network behavior optimization can be understood. By quadratic programming, the energy consumption of network is optimized and the reliability as well as the probability of the delay overreaching the allowed limitation does not exceed the threshold domain.
Keywords: Cooperative Communication Wireless Networks, Energy Consumption Optimization, Generalized Model Predictive Control, Latency, Quadratic Programming, Reliability


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