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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2012, Volume: 5, Issue: 6, Pages: 1-5

Review Article

Performance and emissions characteristics of a diesel engine with various injection pressures using biodiesel


This paper presents the suitability of Pongamia methyl ester oil as a source of renewable fuel substituting petrodiesel in CI engine. The properties of esterified Pongamia oil are closer to diesel properties. In the present work, experiment is conducted in a single cylinder direct injection diesel engine fuelled with diesel and 100% Pongamia methyl ester as fuel at different injection pressure at varying loads. The injection pressures are varying from 180 bar to 220 bar. The performance parameters like brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC), brake thermal efficiency (BTE), and exhaust emissions (CO, HC, NOx and smoke) were measured and analyzed. The results indicated that the brake thermal efficiency is increased about 1.5% for 100% PME at 220 bar injection pressure. The BSFC, CO and Smoke were decreased about 7%,33% and 25% respectively for 100% PME at 220 bar compared to 180 bar injection pressure. The nitrogen oxide emission (NO) was increased about 10% for 100% PME with 220 bar injection pressure. However pure Pongamia methyl ester (by volume) can be used at higher injection pressure safely in a conventional CI engine without any engine modification that could help in controlling air pollution.
Keywords: Biodiesel, Diesel engine, Pongamia methyl ester.


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