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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 31, Pages: 2441-2446

Original Article

Prime Fuzzy Ideals of a Gamma Semiring -1

Received Date:01 June 2023, Accepted Date:01 June 2023, Published Date:18 August 2023


Objectives: The main objective of this article is to introduce some fundamental results of fuzzy ideals and Prime fuzzy ideals of a G􀀀 semiring R . Methods: We use some fundamental results of fuzzy ideals and conditions like semi subtractive, centreless etc. for developments of the main results. Findings: In this connection, we establish some important results of fuzzy ideals and prime fuzzy ideals of semirings to G􀀀 semirings. Novelty: We find a special class of fuzzy ideals of a G􀀀 semiring R and with this, construct a lattice ordered G􀀀 semiring. Further, we find that a fuzzy ideal of G􀀀 semiring R can be a decreasing map from [0, 1] into the set of R together with an empty set. As an application of this result, the prime fuzzy ideals of a G􀀀semiring R are described in terms of prime ideals of a G􀀀 semiring R.

Keywords: Fuzzy Ideals; Prime Ideals; Prime Fuzzy Ideals; Lattice Ordered G- Semiring; Strong Ideal


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