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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 42, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

Research of Dry Mix Quality Indices based on Vegetable Components for Soft Ice Cream Production


Background/Objectives: The article studies the process of identification of fat oxidation degree and pattern in the process of dry mix sample storage for soft ice cream production containing milk fat in its formula which by 100% can be replaced by vegetable fat. Method: In the process of storage the odor of test samples was studied on odor analyzer using piezoquartz resonators with different film sorbents on the electrodes. Titratable and active acidity was analyzed using both protolytometric and potentiometric methods. Quality microbiological indices in the process of storage were determined by taking a culture in relevant media using standard methods. Findings: Dry mix for soft ice cream with 100% content of milk fat was used as a reference sample. It has been revealed that in equilibrium gas-phase over test samples upon completion of 9 months of storage total change of highly volatile organic compounds made 83% and 51%, respectively, i.e. sample spoilage with milk fat is by 1.6 times more intensive. It has also been established that mix with vegetable fat upon completion of storage period had less values of titratable (by 1.7 times) and active (by 1.2 times) acidity compared with a sample containing milk fat. Based on the results of analysis of microbiological indices of test samples in the process of storage it has been determined that the shelf life of a dry mix with vegetable fat is 9 months at the storage temperature of 10±2ºC. Improvements: Multi-component dry mix developed is particularly intended for soft ice cream production in health and leisure institutions, health resorts, holiday hotels, recreation camps and in the areas remote from raw material sources.

Keywords: Dry Mix, Odor Analyzer, Soft Ice Cream


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