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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 48, Pages: 1-8

Review Article

Role of Sb Substitution on Electrical Properties of Se-Te Glasses


Objectives: This paper reports the influence of Sb addition on the electrical properties on bulk samples of Se80-xTe20Sbx(x=0, 6, 12) glasses. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The amorphous samples have been prepared using melt quenching method and the pellets of the bulk sample of thickness 1mm and diameter 5mm has been formed using pelletiser. The I-V measurements of pellets have been recorded on Keithley electrometer in the temperature range 298-398 K. The data obtained is analysed to calculate activation energy of conduction and temperature dependent dc electrical conductivity. Findings: The observations suggest that conductivity decreases due to formation of highly crosslinked structure when Sb is added in less amount i.e. 6 at.wt% whereas on addition of Sb upto 12 at. wt. %, conductivity increases significantly due to increase in ring structure and decrease of steric hindrance in system. Earlier reports on the electrical properties of Se-Te-Sb system provided information upto 10 at. wt. % of Sb addition to Se-Te system, whereas in present study Sb is added upto 12 at. wt.% to get its influence on electrical properties of Se-Te system. Applications/Improvements: The higher content of Sb in Se-Te system increases the electrical conductivity which makes it a potential candidate for application in electronic devices. 

Keywords: Activation Energy, Electrical Conductivity, Hopping Conduction, Hopping Energy, Se-Te-Sb Glasses


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