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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 43, Pages: 3934-3941

Original Article

Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Perception of Public on Drug Disposal, Storage and Create Awareness on Proper Disposal of Drugs in a South Indian District

Received Date:10 June 2023, Accepted Date:07 October 2023, Published Date:17 November 2023


Objectives: To determine the way of drug disposal and storage practices carried out in society and create awareness about the drug is to be disposed of properly to avoid chemical and physical issues by the pharmaceuticals. To evaluate the way of drug disposal and storage practices are carried out in society after the awareness program. Materials and methods : This study was carried out by community-based cross-sectional study design using ICF and KAP Forms. A study was conducted on 1004 households in the South Indian district to analyze the drug disposal and storage practices followed in the households before the awareness program. Data processed and analyzed through Statistical methods in the Epi info data Version: and Microsoft Excel 2019 Version: 1808. Findings: Though disposal was the main aspect, improvements in the storage conditions of the drug dosage forms were found in the study, where 93.72% of the population followed proper storage practices. The result data revealed that practices followed after the awareness program which was conducted in the study resulted in 75.89% of participants not having unused medicines after awareness and proper disposal and storage. Novelty: Creating awareness about methods of drug disposal and storage reduces the risk of accidental poisoning from medicine and its contamination as many of unaware of its complications. This study achieved to increase in the proper drug disposal and storage practices among household participants.

Keywords: Drug disposal, Unused medications, Storage of medicines, Medication adherence


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