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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 24, Pages: 2482-2493

Original Article

Rotation and Dufour Impact on Unsteady Flow Past a Parabolic Accelerated Vertical Plate with Uniform Temperature and Mass Diffusion

Received Date:28 April 2024, Accepted Date:27 May 2024, Published Date:10 June 2024


Objective : Fluid dynamics and heat transfer theory examine the Dufour phenomenon and the rotational influence of unstable parabolic flow across an accelerating infinite vertical plate. This scenario involves several parameters, including the "mass Grashof number (Gr), thermal Grashof number (Gc), Prandtl number (Pr), Hartmann number (Ha), Schmidt number (Sc), Dufour number (Dc), and acceleration parameter". Method : We have applied the Laplace transform method to the resulting PDE. This method converts the equations to algebraic form, making it easier to solve for velocity, temperature, and concentration in terms of time and space. Graphs can show the relationship between the acceleration parameter and numerous parameters such as mass and thermal Grashof, Hartmann (Ha), and Dufour (Df), as well as the consequent velocity profile. If the velocity increases when these variables change, we'll look at the physical reasons that generate this behaviour. We will examine the conclusions using experimental data or existing theoretical models, considering the model's assumptions and limits. Finally, highlight the significant facts and insights gained from the analysis. We will discuss potential future research possibilities, such as exploring more complex geometries or accounting for new physical effects. Findings : The increase in Dufour parameter value causes an increase in temperature and level trends, demonstrating the significant influence of these factors on the researched phenomena. Novelty: This research advances our understanding of heat and mass transfer phenomena by isolating the Dufour effect in a novel scenario involving unsteady flow around a rotating vertical plate, filling a gap in the existing body of knowledge that is dominated by MHD-inclusive investigations. Suggestions: This approach is fairly general and may be applied to find analysis of heat and mass transfer on Dufour effect for other effects such as Soret effect, Hall current of heat and mass transfer.

Keywords: Uniform Temperature, Thermo diffusion (Dufour), Inverse Laplace, Rotational, Constant Mass


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