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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 48, Pages: 2699-2706

Original Article

The Effects of Plyometrics and Asanas on Flexibility and Strength Endurance of Adolescent Volleyball Players

Received Date:19 September 2022, Accepted Date:27 November 2022, Published Date:24 December 2022


Background: Athletes’ flexibility and strength endurance improve through regular yoga practice. If plyometric exercises combine with yoga asanas in training programs, it may enhance performance in sports that demand these fitness components. Objectives: To determine the effect of eight weeks of plyometric training alone and in combination with asanas on adolescent volleyball players’ flexibility and strength endurance. Methods: Forty-five male adolescent volleyball players were randomly selected for two experimental groups and a control group for eight weeks. An ANCOVA was used to compare the modified post-test means to the initial test means. Findings: The study’s findings indicate that plyometric exercise, both alone and in combination with asanas, has a substantial effect on flexibility (F = 15.90, p = 0.00) and strength endurance (F = 2.366, p = 0.0027). Furthermore, the paired means of plyometric combined with asanas and plyometric (0.743, p = 0.03), plyometric combined with asanas and control (1.268, p = 0.00), and plyometric and control (0.525, p = 0.029) had a statistically significant mean difference in flexibility. Among the paired means, the differences in strength endurance between plyometric combined with asanas and plyometric (0.276, p = 0.853); plyometric combined with asanas and control (2.911, p = 0.055); and plyometric and control (2.635, p = 0.082) were not statistically significant. Novelty: Plyometric training alone improved the players’ flexibility by 14.25%, and plyometric training combined with asanas improved it by 28.64% compared to the control group. The combined exercise was 16.78% more effective than plyometric training alone. Post-testing data on strength endurance demonstrate an improved trend, despite the absence of statistically significant differences.

Keywords: Adolescent; Asanas; Flexibility; Plyometric; Strength Endurance


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