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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 28, Pages: 1-10

Original Article

The Influence of Selected Maternal Factors on Certain Birth Measures in (King Abdullah (KA) 1st – Teaching Hospital (TH))


Background/Objectives: To examine the impact of maternal characteristics on the infant measures for monitoring and evaluating mother and child health programs. The primary aim of the study is to predict certain birth measures (weight, height, head and chest circumference), at the time of conveyance to assist in giving the restorative helps to the mother and child on time; and, anticipate childbirth complications that endanger baby’s and mother’s life. Methods: Data was collected from 970 convenience cases which were considered through enrolled two enlisted registered nurses as inter-observers for physical measurement for each newly born baby based on the worldwide acknowledged guidelines. Results: The multiple regression was utilized to investigate the relationship between birth weight and head and chest circumferences and several predictions (gestational age, parity number and age of the mother appeared relatively strong where R = 0.741. Whereby, R2 change value is 0.549 which suggests that all predictors together explain 54.9% of the variance in perceived results. Also, there is a factually noteworthy contribution as indicated by 0.002, 0.008, 0.011 individually. The ANOVA indicates that the model is critical (F-Value = 44.237). The predictors contributes to the outcomes, expressed by beta values which represent the unique contributions of each variable: the power of gestational period parity and age of the mother contribution overall results is 0.209, 0.38, 0.172 respectively which means a change (increase, decrease) in gestational period, parity and age of the mother in one extra unit will lead to change in head and chest circumference, and weight by 0.2, 008, and 0.011 units (cm, kg). Conclusion: The main findings of this article are: an increment in birth weights emphatically related with increment of gestational age increments; increasing the number of pregnancies one expects the increment in birth weight. It provides a substantial data for health policy and decision makers over a few maternal characteristics on the weight, head and chest circumference of the newborns in the northern portion of Jordan which clearly not accessible to bridge the gap between what need to be and the genuine far reaching selection of clinical hones to encourage secure conveyance cases in consonance with local & applied standard birth measures and universal (benchmarked) criteria, to diminish complications, checking and assessing mother and child wellbeing programs.

Keywords: Birthed Measures, Birth Weight, Gestational Age, Infant Mortality, Maternal Characteristics, Multiple Regressions, Newly Born Infant


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