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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2011, Volume: 4, Issue: 6, Pages: 657-659

Original Article

The study of biogas production from rice chaff (karukka) as co-substrate with cow dung


The rice chaff with co-digestion of cow dung for biogas production at laboratory scale was the subject of this investigation. The study was carried out at mesophilic condition between (26-30o C) for a period of 60 days with seven percent total solid concentration was taken for the fermentation slurry. Experiment study was conducted for three different proportion case (i) 50% weight of boiled rice chaff plus 50% weight of cow dung (ii) 75% weight of rice chaff (boiled) plus 25% weight of cow dung (iii) 50% weight of raw rice chaff (without boiled) plus 50% of cow dung. The result showed a cumulative biogas production of 161.5ml in case (i) for the retention time of 60 days. In case (ii) showed the biogas production of 140.5 ml for the retention time of 70 days and in case (iii) there was no significant gas production due to high percent of lignin in raw rice chaff.
Keywords: Biogas, Co-digestion, fermentation, agriculture waste and rice chaff.


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