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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 1, Pages: 86-100

Original Article

A comprehensive review of Millimeter wave based radio over fiber for 5G front haul transmissions

Received Date:06 December 2021, Accepted Date:30 December 2021, Published Date:13 January 2021


Objectives: To find out how fiber distribution system could be utilized for 5G based futuristic higher capacity and lower latency front haul transmission system. Findings: Integrating the transmission of Millimeter wave (Mm wave) signals over the Radio over Fiber (RoF) system i.e. Mm-RoF can be seen as a promising candidate that would satisfy the requirement imposed by 5G wireless system. Further, optical generation of Mm wave signals is a major concern that needs to be taken care of and some appropriate hybrid photonic generation methods should be employed for Mm wave signal distribution over the RoF system that incur lower installation cost and higher transmission performance. Applications: This will enrich the researchers with valuable content on single platform and motivate them to undertake the research work towards the advancement in the photonic generation of Mm wave signals over the RoF network for 5G applications with reduced system cost and complexity.

Keywords: Radio over Fiber; Mm-wave technology; 5G networks; optical signal generation; Mm wave based RoF etc


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