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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: Special Issue 4, Pages: 29-36

Original Article

A Fully Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Artificial Neural Network Model for Decision Support Systems

Received Date:12 October 2023, Accepted Date:22 November 2023, Published Date:25 December 2023


Objectives: To propose a novel Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Artificial Neural Network (LIF-ANN) model based on Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets (LIFSs), which finds its applications in Decision Support Systems (DSS). Methods: In the process of the Neural Network, the Hebbian learning rule is utilized where the Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy nature of the input data is preserved till the end of the process as a pioneering initiative in the field of ANN. Findings: The proposed LIF-ANN concentrates on the Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making problem approach in dealing with uncertain data. Also, a novel method of determining attribute weights using the Gaussian method is proposed where the weights are derived in the form of Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers (LIFNs). The new LinIFOWA operator is also defined and some basic theorems are proved supporting the same. Numerical illustration is presented for the LIF-ANN method and comparisons are made with existing ranking methods. Novelty: Unlike most of the research done on Decision support with linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy sets, where the weight vector for ANN and the final decision variables become crisp variables, this paper concentrates on maintaining the Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy format throughout and till the end of the problem with the weight vector and the final solution being preserved till the end of the process as Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers.

Keywords: Linguistic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets (LIFSs), OWA Operator, Decision Support System (DSS), MAGDM, Artificial Neural Network


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