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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 21, Pages: 1711-1717

Original Article

A Study on Mathematical characteristics in Indian Carnatic Musicians

Received Date:09 May 2021, Accepted Date:22 May 2021, Published Date:13 June 2021


Background/Objectives: The main aim of this research is to observe the mathematical skills in Indian Carnatic musicians. Math and Music seem to be completely different fields of study, but there are a few similar cognitive abilities needed to learn mathematics as well as music. Any mathematical theory works on given premises, set of rules, assumptions and given constraints. The same way “Music” in-particular Indian Carnatic Music also needs a methodic way to learn and perform. Mathematics if rightly viewed not only possesses the truth but also beauty like music. Being good in one of them may enhance abilities in the other. Methods and Statistical Analysis: The data is collected from a sample of 153 respondents which is collected through a structured questionnaire using Microsoft forms based on random sampling method. The data have been analysed and hypotheses have been tested by using valid statistical tools that is descriptive statistics, chi square test using IBM SPSS version 25. Findings: Most of the hypotheses developed in this study were positively confirmed. This study observes the aptitude of the Carnatic musicians to be associated with mathematics up to considerable level of their education. It also reveals the impact of mathematics in understanding the observational skills to identify “Sruthi” one of the basic concepts Carnatic Music. Novelty: All the stake holders of Education can observe that learning of mathematics is not just as only practicing the high -level concepts but also to develop the logical and reasoning skills which are really needed for the excellence in other art forms like Music. Also, these types of quantitative measures can be used to scale the learning quality of any musician since excellence in Carnatic music may not be considered only by performance.


Mathematical skills, Indian Carnatic Music, Sruthi, Rhythm


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