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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 15, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Certain Investigations on Reversible Image Watermarking


Objectives: To protect secret information in a digital medium without compromising robustness. There are many approaches introduced regarding the importance of utilizing medical, military and natural images for image watermarking procedure. Reversible watermarking is appreciated that the original media can be recovered without any loss of information after extracting stego-data. With an aim to provide higher security and robustness, certain investigations have been done on reversible image watermarking. Methods/Statistics: This research work mainly addresses on privacy, reversibility, payload and robustness related goals. Considering these challenges, three parts of image watermarking techniques, namely proposed Bi-orthogonal Wavelet Transform and Importance Measure Model (BWT and IMM), introduced Dynamic Prediction Error Integrated Reversible Image Watermarking (DPEIRIW) and proposed Multi Wavelet Transform based and Oppositional Particle Swarm Optimization (MWT - OPSO) are introduced to improvise the data hiding performance. Findings: The methodologies introduced in this research work not only surpass other approaches with considerations to a variety of incursions, but still maintains a satisfactory image quality. From the experimental results, it is clearly understood that this suggested approach MWT and OPSO attains the average PSNR of 59.84 dB and average NC of 1, which is minimal when comparedwith the all the other existing strategies. Applications/Improvements: As the ongoing trend is now towards multi-core computing and the requirements for the real time video communication is very much in demand, the ownership right information also required to be preserved. It could be a great future direction to deploy this design approach under multi-core platforms. 

Keywords: Correlation Coefficient, Entropy, Importance Measure Model, OPSO Biorthogonal DWT, Prediction Error, Reversible Watermarking, NC, PSNR


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