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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 3, Pages: 1-6

Original Article

Detection, Classification and Location of Overhead Line Faults using Wavelet Transform


Objectives: To develop a wavelet Transform method to identify and categorize transmission line faults and also determines the location of the fault. Method: A Simulink model is developed for the test system. Various faults at different locations are simulated. DWT coefficients of the current signals are obtained. Fault index is calculated and is used to identify and categorize the fault. Findings: The method proposed using wavelet transform in the present work will accurately discriminate between normal and fault condition, identify the type of fault and determine its location. The method proposed is relatively very simple and can be easily realized and practically implemented. Application/Improvements: Transmission line protection relay should be highly reliable, selective and act quickly so that minimum damage is caused, area affected by power interruption is less and stability of the system is not lost. Hence, efficient fault detection methods are necessary to help operators to take required measures during power system disturbances. This will ensure the secure and stable operation of the power system.

Keywords: Fault Detection, Fault Index, Line Faults, Location, Wavelet Transform


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