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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2024, Volume: 17, Issue: 13, Pages: 1323-1330

Original Article

DynAuthRoute: Dynamic Security for Wireless Sensor Networks

Received Date:06 January 2024, Accepted Date:29 January 2024, Published Date:22 March 2024


Objectives: The research aims to design an architecture for secure transmission of data in wireless sensor networks. Methods: The method involves three main pillars: authentication, data encryption, and dynamic routing. Extensive simulations have been conducted to evaluate the suggested method in terms of energy consumption, memory footprint, packet delivery ratio, end-to-end latency, execution time, encryption time, and decryption time. Findings: For authentication, a dynamic key is used to power an improved salt password hashing method. Data encryption is performed using format-preserving encryption (FPE) with the appended salt key. Dynamic routing is implemented using a cluster-based routing technique to enhance network efficiency in terms of power consumption and security. The execution time for MD5 ranges from 15 to 22 milliseconds, while for SHA-1 it ranges from 16 to 23 milliseconds and for the proposed salt key generation it is 1 to 5 milliseconds. Similarly, in terms of energy consumption, memory footprint, packet delivery ratio, end-to-end latency, execution time, encryption time, and decryption time the proposed method shows promising results in ensuring the integrity and security of transmitted encrypted data. Novelty: The presents a novel architecture with enhanced cluster head-based selection algorithm that combines dynamic key-based authentication and secure data routing to establish a safe environment for data transmission in wireless sensor networks. This research works offers a method for encrypting text with a dynamic salt key that is safe, energy-efficient, and lightweight.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Dynamic Key, Authentication, Hash function, Salt algorithm, Dynamic routing, Node clustering, Format-preserving encryption


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