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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 46, Pages: 4429-4435

Original Article

Ergonomic School Bags: Can Additional Straps Make a Difference in Posture?

Received Date:11 September 2023, Accepted Date:18 October 2023, Published Date:20 December 2023


Objectives: This study investigates the potential benefits of incorporating additional anterior straps into school backpacks to alleviate postural issues in children aged 10 to 15 years. Methods: The research was conducted at a Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Chennai for a duration of 7 months and involved 50 students from grades 4 to 8, encompassing both genders. The study utilized experimental design using pre and post-test measurements. This ergonomic school bag consisted of anterior additional cross straps and horizontal straps which is not usually present in conventional school backpacks. The Craniovertebral Angle, Craniohorizontal Angle and Sagittal Shoulder Posture were measured before and after use of ergonomic bags. Findings: Results indicated a significant improvement in postural angles after the use of school bags with additional straps. The Craniovertebral Angle scores increased from 38.47 ± 3.63 (Pre-test) to 45.63 ± 3.05 (Post-test). Craniohorizontal Angle scores decreased from 26.89 ± 2.30 (Pre-test) to 19.98 ± 1.68 (Post-test), while Sagittal Shoulder Posture scores improved from 61.80 ± 4.46 (Pre-test) to 52.74 ± 1.89 (Post-test). The p-value of ≤ 0.001 indicated highly significant difference between mean values obtained from pre and post measurements. Novelty : A backpack with additional anterior straps was designed which differs from conventional back packs and the effectiveness was tested. Previous literature has not reported the benefits of adding additional anterior straps and this research is the first to have studied the effects of this ergonomic backpack on posture among school going children.

Keywords: Backpack, Ergonomics, Posture, School bags, Children, Musculoskeletal pain, Additional straps


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