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Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 33, Pages: 1594-1604

Original Article

MHD Boundary Layer Flow Past an Exponentially Stretching Sheet with Darcy-Forchheimer Flow of Nanofluids

Received Date:18 April 2022, Accepted Date:25 July 2022, Published Date:26 August 2022


Objectives: To investigate an exponentially stretched sheet with a magnetic force to explore the Darcy-Forchheimer flow of a two-dimensional blood-based nanofluid and the effect of different relevant parameters of the fluid flow assumption for velocity and temperature profiles. Methods: Nanoparticles such as Ag, TiO2 and Fe with base fluid blood are being investigated. The governing equations of the problem, such as continuity, motion, and energy, are derived and translated into ordinary differential equations by employing appropriate optimization techniques. The bvp4c technique is used to perform numerical computations. The impacts of non-dimensional governing factors like the prandtl number (Pr), magnetic field parameter (M), Forchheimer number (Fr), porosity parameter (b ) and nanofluid volume fraction (ϕ ) are determined numerically and displayed through graphs. Tables illustrate and explain the local Nusselt number and skin friction coefficient. Findings: Velocity profile of Ag-blood, TiO2-blood and Fe-blood decreases and temperature profile increases for increasing values of Pr, b , M and Fr. For rising values of M, b , and Fr, the skin friction coefficient increases and the Nusselt number decreases, but the accelerating trend of ϕ exhibits a reversible trend. Novelty: The Darcy-Forchheimer flow of a two-dimensional blood-based nanofluid with a magnetic field is novel in the model. The (Ag-Blood, TiO2-Blood, Fe-Blood) nanofluid flow past an exponentially stretching surface is considered in the present study, while no one has considered these nanofluids for the same model.

Keywords: MHD; Bloodbased nanofluid; Nanoparticles; Exponentially stretching surface; Darcy Forchheimer flow; Blood based nanofluid


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