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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 30, Pages: 1-6

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Performance Analysis of Rate Control Scheme in H.264 Video Coding


Background/Objectives: Digital Video streams represent huge amount of data at high definition resolution. The video in its original size needs more time and large storage space, which necessitates video compression. To surpass the challenges in video compression those appear in terms of latency, the rate control scheme is the best method. To provide an efficient video coding based on H.264/AVC at substantially low bit rate. This ensures higher performance in terms of compression ratio, lower complexity and video reconstruction. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The cost estimation technique is complex and takes considerable time for computation. In an attempt to make it simple, rate distortion baseline profile encoder is parallelized, which makes the R-D cost calculation feasible. Findings: In this work, the performance analysis of Rate control scheme with optimized Quantization parameter value is carried out. This rate-control scheme in the macro-block layer of H.264 baseline encoder with bit-stream calculation and distortion evaluate can potentially contribute to efficient video transcoding systems. In this proposed work, the rate control for the prediction frame done after encoding the I-frames. Here, QP estimation happens between the encoder interface and the user interface. The rate distortion model is attached to the P-frame to perform the rate control for prediction and encoding the P-frames by estimating the QP values, thus making the algorithm less complex. This method achieved the better quality with the optimized quantization parameter. Applications/Improvements: The Quantization parameter is varied to regulate the coded bit streams to achieve good perceptual quality that is suitable for surveillance applications.
Keywords: Bit Rate, Cost Estimation, Compression Ratio, Rate Control Scheme, Rate Distortion Modeling 


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