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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 25, Pages: 1833-1842

Original Article

Performance Evaluation of Uncertainty in Measurement for Dynamic Young’s Modules of Elasticity

Received Date:01 May 2023, Accepted Date:06 June 2023, Published Date:24 June 2023


Background: In construction field, to check the quality of the developed concrete, material testing methods plays a very vital role. As the testing gives measurements therefore maintaining the accuracy and precision of measurement is very essential for producing higher quality concrete. But always uncertainties in measurement is inevitable in every measurement. Methods: The effects of qualitative factors which contributes in uncertainty are considered largely in case of measuring instrument but very less attention is given on impact of these parameters on test specimen. It is necessary to integrate both the instrument and test specimen related parameters to get satisfactory results. This paper focuses on the measurement uncertainty calculation in dynamics Young’s modules of elasticity obtained from ultrasonic pulse velocity tester. Findings: In most of the studies on non-destructive methods propagation of uncertainty is largely dependent on repeatability of measurement results, but we need to focus on all parameters associated with particular measurement process which may contribute in final uncertainty value. To evaluate the measurement uncertainty of dynamic young’s modules of elasticity, two major factors are considered one is uncertainty in velocity and another is uncertainty of density. Novelty: The calculation of uncertainty in velocity is calculated from the measurement of uncertainties from time (ultrasonic pulse velocity test) and phase length of concrete block. Whereas the uncertainty of density is done from the calculation of uncertainty with mass and volume of the concrete block.

Keywords: Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test (UPV); Measurement; Uncertainty; Dynamic Young’s Modules of Elasticity; Propagation


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