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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 26, Pages: 2175-2179

Original Article

Reduction in Surface Tension of Water Due to Pranic Healing

Received Date:29 March 2021, Accepted Date:14 July 2021, Published Date:30 July 2021


Objective: To study the effects of Pranic Healing (PH) on surface tension of water. Methods: This study involved the application of the PH on water and observing the changes in the surface tension (ST) values. ST was measured in the Pranic and Control using the Capillary rise method and the data were analyzed using Mann- Whitney U test. Findings: The results showed that the ST of water reduced significantly, after 20 minutes in the PH-treated samples, when compared to control. Additionally, contact angle also reduced due to PH, showing an increase in wettability. It has given indications that the Pranic healing could be used in modulating the physical property of water. Novelty: Pranic Healing, reduces the ST of water, which would be beneficial since it directly affects the absorption of nutrients by living beings from the fluid medium.

Keywords: Biofield; Complementary therapy; Energy Healing; Prana; Water


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