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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2019, Volume: 12, Issue: 41, Pages: 1-8

Original Article

Reduction of Data Risk in Cloud Computing Through the Front Layer Security Mechanism


Background/objectives: The centralised computing defines cloud computation as centralised model which is responsible to provide the network access on-request basis to a shared pool of interconnected computation resources linked together. The same is done to provision in a quick manner and to be released with the minimal management effort or cloud provider interaction. It is a platform that is built to customer convenient interface with IT framework. The promise made by the cloud computing, especially shared cloud can be decked by security infraction which are indefeasible. Methods/statistical analysis: An encryption and decryption algorithms have been proposed so as to maintain the security of the private data that is being transmitted in the cloud scenario. Findings: The increasing necessity for the secure cloud storage being handled in a centralised fashion and thereby the enticing effects of the cryptography at client side help us in prioritising and combine them together, thereby naming an innovative mechanism for the private data as third-party security and regulation issues. Improvements/applications: The proposed work provides a more secure framework layer as security to the data, but still there are various aspects which need to be addressed in future. Proposed work is suitable only for selected private data rather than a huge data input by user on cloud, we can extend this work for different types of modules with timestamp encryption converted time and efficiency in future. In future, the technique of Each Word Secure Authentication would be added to improve cloud security on behalf of private. Based on the security solutions, we will demonstrate a secure new client-side framework with advanced algorithm implementations in this article.
Keywords: Cloud Enhancement, EWSA, Cloud Server, Secure Cloud Platform


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