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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2021, Volume: 14, Issue: 5, Pages: 508-518

Original Article

Role of data mining techniques in business

Received Date:18 April 2020, Accepted Date:20 November 2021, Published Date:19 February 2021


Objective: The main objective is to elaborate and discuss different techniques used in data mining, to analyze different strategies of data mining to make improvements, and to find more powerful mining techniques for the betterment of the business. Methods: Multiple techniques and strategies of data mining are used to improve the business. We employed the data warehouse methods for the improvements of the business using Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) along with their types and instruments. We are also discussing some tools used for data mining or ordering organizational data. Findings: We employed Business Intelligence-(BI) and Business Analytics-(BA) techniques for the improvement of the business. Earlier, there were only four (Regression, Classification, Association, and Clustering) techniques that were used for business improvements. It is found that Crawler is the best tool for BI or BA data mining. Novelty : This study analyzed that, BI and BA are the best ways used for data mining, data ordering, or format of data in business. Earlier, these ways were not in use for data mining. Data mining may be the best approach to improve the business.

Keywords: Business Intelligence (BI); Business Analytics Data Mining (BADM); Data Warehouse (DW); Knowledge Discovery (KDD) Customer Relationship Management (CRM); Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


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