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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2022, Volume: 15, Issue: 7, Pages: 292-299

Original Article

Soil Structure Interaction Analysis of a Single Layer Latticed Geodesic Dome

Received Date:05 January 2022, Accepted Date:28 January 2022, Published Date:22 February 2022


Objectives: To analyze the soil structure interaction (SSI) behaviour of a geodesic dome for in situ soil conditions by using the response spectrum method (RSM). Methods: An existing geodesic dome of diameter 31m and a total height of 23.6 m is modeled using SAP2000, and the model is evaluated for the soil structure interaction. The existing geodesic dome structure falls under seismic zone II according to IS: 1893-2016, so the in-situ soil properties of the structure are considered to design the soil springs. Findings: Base shear in SSI condition observed 3.72 % lesser compared to the nonSSI conditions and natural time period, has been increased to 60.8% compared to nonSSI as it affirms the flexibility of the geodesic dome. Novelty: The present study aims to evaluate the dynamic behavior of the geodesic dome, which is a nonconventional structure in design and shape. Few investigations were carried out to analyze the soil structure interaction behavior on such structures.

Keywords: Soil structure Interaction; geodesic dome; response spectrum method; SAP2000; dynamic behaviour


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