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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2017, Volume: 10, Issue: 10, Pages: 1-5

Original Article

Synergistic Effect of Multiple Enzymes on Apple Juice Clarification


Objectives: To clarify the apple juice enzymatically using different commercial enzymes like amylase, pectinase and cellulase at a standard concentration of 1U/ml both in isolation and in combination. To standardize the clarification conditions like temperature (40°C and 50°C) and different incubation time intervals (15 and 30 minutes). Methods/ Statistical Analysis: Apple juice was prepared from good cleaned fruits using distilled water by blending and extraction of juice. The extracted juice was filtered centrifuged and pasteurized before subjecting it to clarification. Different commercial enzymes like amylase, pectinase and cellulose were taken at a concentration of 1U/ml in sodium acetate buffer (pH 5) for clarification studies both in isolation and in combination. The clarification was measured in terms of viscosity reduction. The tested parameters for the present study were time of incubation (15-30 min), concentration of enzyme ( 1 U/ml) and temperature (40-50° C). Findings: The apple juice was clarified using pectinase at 1U/ml in 30 min with reduction of viscosity to 1500 cP units at 40° C. When amylase and cellulase are used separately for apple juice clarification under similar enzymatic conditions there was viscosity reduction to 500 cP units at 40°C for 30 min incubation time and viscosity reduction to 600 cPunits 50° C for 30 min incubation time respectively. Pectinases in combination with amylases showed viscosity reduction up to 510 cP units and with cellulases 609 cP units at 50°C for 30 min of incubation time. Clarification of apple juice was found to be taking 30 min and there was reduction of viscosity to 400 (cP) when I U/ml concentration of amylase, pectinase and cellulase was used at 50°C in combination. Application/Improvements: The results indicated that there was a significant viscosity reduction of apple juice when enzymes were used in combination for fruit juice clarification. This can be applied for clarification of other fruit juices The study is significant as perishable and seasonal Indian apples grown in abundance can be used for commercial production of clarified juices.

Keywords: Amylase, Apple Juice, Pectinase and Cellulase, Viscosity


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