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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 35, Pages: 1-9

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The Moderation of College Ranking and Sex Differences in the Influence of College Students’ Self-Esteem for Getting-a-Job on Job Search Behavior Intensity in South Korea


Objectives: We explored the moderating role of college ranking and sex differences in the influence of college students’ self-esteem for getting-a-job on job search behavior intensity in South Korea. Methods/Statistical analysis: To achieve the research purpose, we surveyed four hundred and two undergraduate students in four colleges in highest class colleges and four colleges in around 100th place in South Korea. The research participants were selected based on the result of the 2015 university assessment report released by an influential daily newspaper in South Korea. To measure Self-esteem for getting-a-job and Job search behavior, we used multidimensional scales for each. Findings: As results of factor analysis, we got different factor structures against initial expectations. Factor analysis on Self-esteem for getting-a-job produced six sub factors: Confidence in career decision, self-understanding, Confidence in preparing getting-a-job, Efficacy in utilizing personal relationship, Confidence in decision-making. Factor analysis on Job search behavior produced three sub factors: Job-searching, Self-searching, Advice-seeking. The results showed that while there were no obvious differences between college ranking groups in Self-esteem for getting-a-job, clear differences between the sexes in Self-esteem for getting-ajob. Our initial expectation was that there were large differences between groups of college ranking in Self-esteem for getting-a-job and Job search behavior. There was a difference between groups of college ranking in Self-understanding only. The interaction effect of the sexes and the college ranking groups was appeared Confidence in preparing gettinga-job only. As results of regression analysis, Confidence in career decision, Self-understanding, and Efficacy in utilizing personal relationship influenced Job-searching and Advice-seeking. Confidence in decision-making influenced Jobsearching only. And Confidence in preparing getting-a-job and Confidence in decision-making influenced Self-searching only. Improvements/Applications: Students need not to be discouraged or lose their confidence in getting-a-job by attending simply lower ranking college but not higher ranking college.
Keywords: College Ranking, Sex Differences, Self-Esteem for Getting-a-Job, Job Search Behavior, Korean Culture


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