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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2023, Volume: 16, Issue: 32, Pages: 2494-2502

Original Article

A Novel Approach on Plithogenic Interval Valued Neutrosophic Hypersoft Sets and its Application in Decision Making

Received Date:29 May 2023, Accepted Date:16 July 2023, Published Date:24 August 2023


Objectives: In problem solving process, we have advanced the study of plithogenic interval valued neutrosophic hypersoft set, to analyse with all the appendages and traits under consideration for getting the better accuracy for the multi criterion decision making environment. Methods: Based on the combination of hypersoft sets, plithogenic sets and neutrosophic fuzzy sets, a plithogenic interval valued neutrosophic hypersoft set has been proposed. Findings: The tnorm , tconorm, accuracy function and plithogenic interval valued hypersoft set-TOPSIS algorithm has been proposed. To validate the above findings, it has been compared with the Fuzzy-TOPSIS for two different environments with different weightage. The results were quite interesting and it exactly matches. Novelty: By the concept of plithogenic interval valued neutrosophic hypersoft set, the results can be viewed with more accuracy for the linguistic variables rather than the crisp values. An illustrative example for multi criterion decision-making environment is solved by using the proposed method by plithogenic interval valued hypersoft set TOPSIS and it has been compared with the Fuzzy-TOPSIS.

Keywords: Hypersoft Set; Plithogenic Hypersoft Set; Neutrosophic Set; Interval Valued Neutrosophic Set; Interval Valued Neutrosophic Hypersoft Set


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