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Indian Journal of Science and Technology


Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Year: 2016, Volume: 9, Issue: 44, Pages: 1-9

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Performance Analysis of Adaptive Algorithms for Speech Enhancement Applications


Background/Objectives: The improvement of the speech quality is an essential component in this modern world. Though different methods have been used by many researchers since a long period, still the research field is open to work further. In this paper, we have analyzed the same using adaptive algorithms. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The algorithms like Least Mean Square (LMS) and Recursive Least Square (RLS) are used to improve the quality. Further, State-Space Recursive Least Square (SSRLS) algorithm is developed for enhancement of the noisy speech. The existing Spectral Subtraction (SS) algorithm is verified for two types of noisy speech. Also the standard adaptive algorithms have been experienced for these signals. Findings: Spectral Subtraction method is implemented initially. Then LMS and RLS algorithms are tested for two different types of noisy speech signals. In case of LMS, the improvement of SNR is 8.2822 dB for random noise and 6.5245 dB for babble noise. Whereas for RLS algorithm, the SNR improvement is 11.7152 dB for random noise and 14.3883dB for babble noise. The SNR after enhancement is 43.5409 dB and 47.2456 dB for random noise and for babble noise respectively in case of SSRLS algorithm which is much higher than other algorithms as results suggest. Also the error minimization curve converges more rapidly than the others. So SSRLS algorithm provides better enhanced signal than the other three methods. Application/Improvements: The applications are in different field of communications like mobile telephony, video conferences as audio and video applications. Also the applications are of speech recognition, voice communications, information forensics and many more. The improvement of SNR in this proposed algorithm found better than SS, LMS and RLS algorithms as 31.2377 dB and 35.6381 dB.

Keywords: Adaptive Filter, Least Mean Squares, Noise, Recursive Least Squares, Spectral Subtraction, Speech Enhancement,State-Space Recursive Least-Squares


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